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Outland was incorporated in February 1989 and is a leader in the provision of memorable recreational adventure activities throughout Australia.

Founded by people personally involved in outdoor pursuits, Outland maintains a hands-on approach to adventure activities. Everyone in the company pursues adventure activities in their free time and consequently, we stay completely up-to-date with new developments in gear and techniques.

We have a down-to-earth commitment to the environment, which is reflected in our policies, attitudes and actions. Our belief is that we are actually guests in the wilderness and should behave in a manner consistent with visiting someone else's home - as a polite and considerate guest.

Finally, we are committed to providing a high quality experience. Just because our trips involve getting sweaty in the most extraordinarily remote locations, it doesn't mean we can skimp on quality. We aim to maintain a level of quality in guiding, training, equipment and other services second to none in the outdoor industry.